photo-2Talking politics is NOT a dream of mine and yet, here I am, starting a blog about that very thing. It’s funny how things like this happen. My dream has been (for 20 years now…) to work as a reporter/anchor in broadcast journalism. I even have a pretty degree from Auburn University announcing to everyone who sees it that I have sufficient knowledge to enter the field. Life got in the way, however. Job offers came before and after graduation, but I couldn’t accept them. My husband had been hurt several years earlier while we were serving simultaneous tours in Iraq.

In December 2013, I managed to graduate summa cum laude (big fancy words for I worked my butt off!) all while having a part-time job, taking care of our toddler, serving in church, traveling almost an hour each way to school, and taking care of my wonderful husband. This was not for the faint of heart as his doctors seemingly continued to pile on new diagnoses with each visit. My mother-in-law had been a wonderful help for several years but had to move several states away before my senior semester. It. Was. Hard.


After graduating, I felt empty. My dream had been so close but it wasn’t as important as my marriage and family. I had responsibilities and I knew that no one could care for my husband the way did, especially not with love like he deserved. Soon, I began thinking about this very blog you are reading. I had a different name for it back then but it was a small piece of a dream that I kept close. I finally realized that if I didn’t start now, I never would. Capitol Hill and a Mom was born.

So here we are. I am a wannabe journalist who has managed to escape becoming jaded with the profession, starting fresh on a blog about politics. I am not filled with hate for other opinions and I would like to think I am still a pro at keeping my “military bearing” in the face of rudeness and hostility. I am a mom. I am a wife. I am an American. I am a Veteran. I am a daughter of God. All of these things make me whole, but for a little bit of sparkle in life, I want to bring a little bit of research, mom-ness, and average America into the political discussion.

A promise to my readers: I will be respectful. Everyone deserves respect.