H.R. 39 “TALENT Act of 2017”

Talents are everywhere and some of us are REALLY good at harnessing them. For the record, I’m still at the level of fumbling around in a closet looking for the light switch. I’m not sure I even know what a harness looks like. Either way, I have seen creative genius in many of my friends and a few of them have been able to truly stand out in their field. Is this you? Well the TALENT Act of 2017 created an organizational standard for the now permanent Presidential Innovation Fellows Program.


The organization part is fairly standard and boring. There is a director, application process, and even a board to oversee the program (except the selection of fellows oddly enough). The interesting part is the discovery of this program itself. It was started in 2012, regularly identifies needs within the government, and then seeks to employ innovators in each field selected for needing such vision.

Fellows relocate to Washington D.C. for their term of service and receive a hefty $128k yearly salary. Fellows have gone on to serve in high government positions and, if nothing else, it looks great on a resume! This legislation may not be all that new but it sure is good news for some fantastic go-getters. Don’t be shy if you feel like you have something to contribute! Not all of the fellows are in the tech field. Application deadlines are each Spring and Fall. Click here  to apply.

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